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two million years ago, a giant somewhere ate some hippos. soon he felt a rumble in his stomach and, looking up to the sky to beg that cosmic octopus to please free him from this turmoil, vomited the hippos sky-ward where they drifted in the upper atmosphere and danced and diversified into giggling gerbils. these became the hippos of giddiness and light. the giant then continued on his way but his stomach continued to rumble, and this time he looked deep into his soul, especially at the parts that were dark and corrupted by the bad things he had done, and he asked what crusty, broken part of his past had fated him to this intestinal agony. then, while he gazed inward, his stomach again churned, this time ejecting the hippos into the simmering duskiness of speculation and angst. these would become the hippos of madness and darkness.

hippos of giddiness and light

hippos of madness and darkness

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